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What's Happening at Venture Architects
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What are the key attributes that enable a branded consumer company to stand out?
Authenticity, clear reason for being, consistent messaging, and connection with the consumer. It is all about harnessing these attributes to create customer traction.

What makes a financial partner and entrepreneur the right fit?
Alignment of values and philosophies - whether it be working styles, time commitment, pace of growth, philanthropic activities, or exit strategies.

What can a company do to best prepare itself for outside investors?
Differentiate your product or service relative to the rest of your industry. Articulate the opportunity for growth, and support your claims with sound historical and projected financial statements.
What we are advising

Before releasing your business plan to investors, have an objective reader review specifically for unnecessary adjectives and over-used words and phrases. Delete unique, innovative, revolutionary and very. Delete our financials are conservative, we have no competition and any phrase with the word paradigm in it (as a friend recently joked, it could be mistaken for two coins).

With the rising cost of oil and energy, companies that forecast related expenses such as utilities, shipping/freight, and gas - or have shipping and freight included in the cost of purchasing raw materials, supplies, and inventory - should forecast a 10% - 15% rise in these costs year over year.

In tough economic times, companies need to spend even more time and money on sales and marketing. Sign-up for the free You Can Be A Word Of Mouth Marketing Supergenius! Get People Talking About You electronic newsletter at This quick read includes fun marketing tips you never thought of - and others you already know but need to hear again.

If you have a serious project deadline, think twice before adding a last-minute feature. The we-must-get-this-in-this-version feature may appear to be simple, but the coding and debugging process may delay delivery.

When branding a services company, stand for something. If you're trying to be everything to everybody, chances are you'll attract no one. If you think it's too controversial to choose a niche, remember the power of being seen as an expert. Experts are not good at everything, they're awesome at one thing. People seek experts, not generalists.
What we are reading

Since two of our friend's books are hitting the shelves around the same time, we decided to do some shameless plugging. . .

The Bounce Back Book
Karen Salmansohn recently released The Bounce Back Book, which has a red rubber cover and is filled with tips on how to thrive in the face of adversity, setbacks and losses. Karen's book is a labor of love - inspired by a challenging time she went through - and includes the empowering psychology tips that helped her, so she might help others. As with all of Karen's 20+ titles, she mixes humor with hardcore help. For more information or to order online visit Amazon.

Doing Business in 21st Century India
On July 31st, Gunjan Bagla's book - Doing Business in 21st Century India: How to profit Today from Tomorrow's Most Exciting Market - will be released. Gunjan, an expert in advising companies on how to do business in India, has packaged his knowledge into a guide to understanding and succeeding in this emerging market. Peppered with supporting examples and interviews with top American and Indian professionals in India, the book includes an overview of the most promising sectors, keys to understanding important cultural differences, and essential advice on sales and marketing in the region. For more information or to order online visit Amazon.
What our clients have to offer

Consider It Done

One of our clients, Consider it Done ( is making a special offer to friends of Venture Architects. Consider it Done is a personal concierge service that believes people should spend time doing what really matters to them. While you're out on the golf course or reading a good book at the beach, a pro will handle your move, coordinate events, get tickets and reservations, handle interior design needs, do your gift shopping and take care of anything that needs to get done. You will receive two free hours with a purchase of ten hours. Just mention Venture Architects when you call Consider it Done at: 1-888-860-DONE (1-888-860-3663).
What our clients are accomplishing

Seventh Generation is aligning product, values and message! Check out their updated website. In addition to downloading product coupons for the company's environmentally friendly items sold at WholeFoods and other retailers, you can also "Ask ScienceMan" (the company's Director of Product & Environmental Technology) questions about everything from toxic chemicals to duct tape. Or browse the archives of the Inspired Protagonist, a monthly column written by Jeffrey Hollender, Seventh Generation's President and Chief Inspired Protagonist. And don't miss the 7 Gen blog where the company shares thoughts and tips about living green, keeping families healthy and social responsibility. Their 2007 Corporate Responsibility Report will be released July 22nd.

iHipHop is rebranded and relaunched. The former has a fresh new look and close to 800,000 hip hop enthusiasts as members. Members can communicate with each other, watch the latest hip hop videos and get the latest news, read up on their favorite artists, share music, and express themselves. iHipHop's Founder and Chief Executive Officer is Charles L. "Chuck" Wilson Jr., also Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Babygrande Records, a New York-based record label and one of the world's largest independent hip hop music labels.

In early June, The Receivables Exchange surpassed the $500 million mark in accounts receivable turnover since sales began in April. The Receivables Exchange is transforming the way private companies gain access to working capital as the first online marketplace for real-time trading of accounts receivable. This electronic market place, is bringing together a global network of accredited capital providers with millions of growth-oriented small and medium sized businesses in search of capital. Members span a diverse range of industries from manufacturing and technology to media and healthcare.

what we care about

It was this line that caught our attention . . . Your small change can make a BIG change in the lives of the world's working poor. And it led us to MicroPlace, an online brokerage that enables everyday people to make investments in the world's working poor and reduce global poverty. MicroPlace offers an opportunity to invest a portion of your savings in investments with the potential to generate a financial return and have a social impact. A loan of spare change lying around your house could help a poor person work her way out of poverty.
Venture Architects, LLC positions private companies for success in the capital-raising process through the development of business plans, financial projections, and investor presentations. Since 1998, Venture Architects has worked across a wide variety of industries with over 400 early and growth-stage companies, which have raised approximately $400 million in investment capital.