Raising capital is only the beginning of the wild ride.

Whether your business idea is stuck in your head, completing proof-of-concept, earning revenue, almost ready to sell, or somewhere in between, we provide the capital-raising documents, tools and services required to impress investors and achieve real goals.

Investor documents that win investments.

We work with entrepreneurs to design game plans for raising capital and create investor documents that mean the difference between dollars and cents.

Business Plan Reviews

We know the turn-offs, peeves and mistakes that qualify entrepreneurs for automatic rejection. Most are insights we have learned after writing 800 plus plans, speaking at venture events and hanging out with investors. We charge a $300 fee to review and provide detailed feedback on your business plan or financial projections.

Financial Projections

We build financial models that are detailed, organized how investors want to see them, and give our clients the ability to quickly edit ever-changing variables without messing up the formulas. Our process forces entrepreneurs to understand the drivers of their business on a deeper, more granular level and enables the management team to be better guardians of their cash flow.

Executive Summaries

Our summaries are tight. We know what information to include, and what to discard. We evaluate whether you need a one, two or three-page summary, then draft and design it so that your business story is clear, crisp and compelling.

Investor Presentations

This is where the art of storytelling, research, design, and editing comes together. We know what investors need to learn in order to make an investment decision. It’s your story, but we help you to tell it better.

Investor Pitch Practice

All entrepreneurs need it. Most don’t think they do.

Investor Documents

Business Plans

Long business plans were once mandatory for potential investors, but now, not so much. Today, it is all about proof-of-concept. Business plans have morphed into more detailed action and growth plans.

Capital-Raising Strategies

One of our favorite client screening questions is – ‘Do you have a list of potential investors and a strategy for approaching them?’

Due Diligence

We often run our client’s due diligence process to ensure that all the ‘i’s’ are dotted and the ‘t’s’ are crossed.

If you’re not growing, you’re slowing.

As our clients’ needs have grown, so have our services. Each category was added because our clients asked for our help. Not because we went in search of ways to keep busy.

Advisory Board Participation

We help to design and serve on boards that further the goals and increase the value of our clients’ companies.

Board Meeting Facilitation

We’ve done a lot of these. Basically, we work with management to design and lead board meetings and retreats that deliver tangible results (and when possible, limit the kumbaya games).

Investor Reports

If you don’t do this, you should. It’s an email that is sent to your investors on a monthly or quarterly basis to keep them apprised of your successes and failures. There should never be any surprises.

Interim Project Management

At times, we jump in to handle a project that has a beginning, middle and end prior to our clients hiring full-time team members.


What makes our bookkeeping service exceptional is that our financial analysts review your books to raise red flags prior to your investors raising them, monitor your cash flow so you don’t fall short before your next round, and ensure that you are spending money on the categories that move the valuation needle.

No branding, no differentiation. No differentiation, no long-term profitability.

Branding is how the world judges your business. From concept to delivery, our creative team has a track record of creating visuals that make the difference between leader and last, profit and loss, funding and failure.

Logo & Collateral Materials

Your brand is often your most important asset, so we have you covered. Our strategy and planning background helps us understand your business from the inside out. Communicating to customers is just an extension of us helping to tell compelling business stories to investors.


Our goal is to create websites that are lean, clean and seen. We begin with a Creative Q&A Session so that we understand your audience, critical messages, design preferences, and overall business goals. From there the design magic happens.


Years ago, our clients began asking us to help them write the copy for their websites and printed marketing materials, because we had done such a good job communicating their messages to investors. Our writers love flexing their creative muscles and finding a rhythm and tone that projects our client’s brand personality.

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